Performance like no other tabletop folder inserter

  • Processing speeds of over 71 filled envelopes per minute make quick work of almost any size job
  • Fill and Start technology redefines ease of use. Simply load documents and inserts of varying sizes into the machine and hit the start button. All adjustments such as fold type, fold length, envelope size, paper length, and paper thickness are set automatically! The system has fully calibrated itself, memorized your application and is ready to run
  • Flexfeed - a new concept in feed stations providing unmatched versatility. All stations are multi-functional and can feed sheets that require folding or inserts that don’t
  • Quick and simple block loading eliminates tedious fanning of document stacks. Each high-capacity feed tray accommodates 325 sheets. The envelope feeder holds 500 envelopes and can be reloaded while the machine is running
  • Two, four or six modular feed stations in a space-saving vertical tower. The system footprint remains the same for any combination of feed stations
  • Fully electronic paper length/thickness, fold type/length and envelope size settings with no manual adjustments
  • Automatic double document detection at both the feeder and point of insertion provides dual security to ensure accurate envelope contents
  • Powerfold technology collates and tri-folds up to 8 sheets and single-folds up to 10 sheets for automated insertion
  • Handles documents ranging from 5 ½” wide to 14” long and 16 – 60 lb. bond
  • Present to Deck ensures continuous operation - sets that require operator inspection are automatically diverted and production continues with no system stoppage
  • Daily mail operation – for manual feeding of document sets – up to 8 pages loose or stapled. You can even fold or insert only when desired
  • Positive pressure envelope sealing produces neatly finished mailpieces
  • Space-saving vertical output stacker neatly accumulates up to 500 filled envelopes for easy removal
  • A reversible color touch screen control panel with detailed graphics and text prompts provides the ultimate operator-friendly experience
  • 25 one-touch all-inclusive programmable jobs for instant productivity. The M8600's new Job Wizard makes programming and storing custom jobs an absolute breeze 
  • Genuine clamshell design provides total operator access to all material paths
  • Achieve uninterrupted throughput with automatic cascading – the M8600 can automatically switch from empty to full feeders, allowing the operator to reload while the system continues running

Configurations available:

  • 2 Station (2 flexfeeders that can process 2 sheets, 1 sheet/1 insert or 2 inserts without pre-collation required)
  • 4 Station (4 flexfeeders that can process 4 sheets, 4 inserts, 1 sheet/3 inserts, 2 sheets/2 inserts, or 3 sheets/1 insert without pre-collation required)
  • 6 Station (6 flexfeeders that can process 6 sheets, 6 inserts, 5 sheets/1 insert, 4 sheets/2 inserts, 3 sheets/3 inserts, 2 sheets/4 inserts or 1 sheet/5 inserts without pre-collation required)

Peripherals and Options:

  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to automate variable page sets of documents

  • Interface to Hasler Whisperjet mailing systems

  • Versafeeder for non-standard inserts such as booklets and compact discs

  • Maxifeeder with 1,200 sheet and 7 times the standard insert capacity
  • Bottom panel address capability (eliminates the need for reverse/bottom flap envelopes when the address block is at the bottom of the document)

  • Special feeders for extra thick/thin or glossy/slick materials
  • Custom stand with optional storage

Typical System Usage: Up to 80,000 filled envelopes per month

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