The fully automatic, easy to use, high volume office console system

  • The M9000's automatic setup makes it as easy to run as a desktop unit and its rugged engineering makes it ideal for the medium to high volume user. The M9000 is capable of handling volumes up to 120,000 filled envelopes per month at a maximum cycle time of 4,300 filled envelopes per hour
  • The M9000 can be tailored to your current and future applications using a wide choice of options with up to six feeders. It builds on a proven modular concept that expands to meet your ongoing needs. The system’s feeders are interchangeable and can be swapped by an operator in minutes
  • Optimized for flexibility and efficiency - manual settings are history with the M9000. All control settings such as active feeders, fold type, fold length, number of sheets from each feeder, and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) are set on a centralized control panel. Operators can switch between 10 job memory presets at the touch of a button
    With Hasler’s patented flexfeed technology, all feeders are capable of feeding sheets that need folding and/or inserts that don’t
  • If you add the M9000 high capacity VersaFeeder you can insert a wide variety of mail pieces that were previously impossible to process. The high capacity VersaFeeder can handle an assortment of documents, from 20 lb. paper to 5 mm thick booklets, stapled or unstapled. It can even feed items such as pre-packaged CDs and DVDs, as well as cards and BREs. This easy-to-use feeder is bottom feeding, allowing for continuous reloading without stopping the machine
  • The enhanced folding module collates and tri-folds up to eight sheets at a time
  • Double Document Detection (DDD) at the feeders and in the insert area provide guaranteed security
  • Five adjustable insert fingers allow for up to 10mm pack thickness and can easily open executive, die cut diagonal, or side seam envelopes
  • The M9000 handles small or large envelopes up to flats up to 10” x 13.5”. It can even select the right envelope size automatically, on the run. Mixed envelope sizes are no problem
  • Easy block loading - the M9000 design allows for fast loading of large amounts of paper and envelopes with no need for fanning
  • The M9000 accommodates a variety of paper thicknesses and sizes and offers optical mark recognition (OMR) for variable page jobs
  • Daily Mail Operation — for manual feeding of document sets — up to eight pages stapled or unstapled
  • Open system architecture with safety shut-off for easy access
  • Dual envelope hoppers allow for unlimited capacity and continuous operation, freeing operators from stopping and starting the machine. Production throughput is maximized
  • Dual output conveyors with sort capability automatically sort mail up to three directions based on set thickness, OMR, or sealing requirements. When one conveyor is full, the M9000 can automatically switch to the other, leaving you time to empty the first

Peripherals & Options:

  • Mix ‘n Mail™ software allows the system to select the right envelope depending on the set size or OMR select
  • High-speed OMR accumulation station with two divert bins
  • Intelliread OMR marking software
  • High capacity VersaFeeder for booklets/inserts that do not require folding
  • Conveyor stacker
  • Dual conveyor stackers with output sorting capability (up to 700 envelopes)
  • Low-cost single-sheet/BRE feeder
  • High-capacity multi-sheet feeders
  • Additional high-capacity envelope feeder
  • Postage meter interface with divert-to-conveyor capability
  • Custom stand

Typical System Usage: Up to 120,000 filled envelopes per month

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